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SK Sakib
Apr 06, 2022
In Business Forum
Other cardiology centers such as CCN, for example, also have a service ( Hartwacht ) with a device that can register the suspicion of AFIB. This is even Whatsapp Number List reimbursed by some health insurers, which is of course smart. Prevention is better than cure. Already before COVID The LUMC had already planned this project for COVID-19. A PhD student (Roderick Treekens) did his dissertation on it to see if it provided good or even better care. Increased patient satisfaction and perhaps lowered costs. The answer is generally 'yes', but it is difficult to draw firm conclusions due to the relatively Whatsapp Number List small size of the patient population. The final research report on costs and effect is expected in a few weeks. The study on clinical data and patient satisfaction has already been published. A student who researched e-health. phD candidate Roderick Treskes - Photo: Josje Deekens But the Box can also be used. Other patient groups that need to be monitored. For example during a pregnancy. But data is not information yet. For this, the last step must be taken: integration with an EPD. Because the patient's data must be entered in the EHR in order to Whatsapp Number List provide a good picture. In addition, there is also a new dimension of a flow of data that you have to interpret. A 'live' element has therefore been added to the EPD on which identification must be made. Data, privacy and security How do you put data in an EPD from a device?
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SK Sakib

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