Our first hui will take place on Sunday 14 February, please see further information below.

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

1. The outcome of the Doodle poll - who can come?

Thank you to all those who took the time to indicate their availability. The majority of people (20 out of 55) are able to attend on Sunday 14th February. Happy for people to take another look at their availability and attend if possible. If you find you can come please let me know, as I will close the Doodle poll soon.

2. Date, time and venue

  • Date: Sunday 14 February

  • Time: 9am – 3pm

  • Venue: Ruru room, Level 7, 22-28 Willeston Street,

3. Hui Objectives

We will start with a karakia and Whanaungatanga

· Understanding the context – why are we doing this?

· Partnership approach – equal tangata whenua and Te Tiriti

· Scope of the project and terms of reference – what will success look like?

· Stakeholders – who do we need to speak to?

· Timeframes – how long have we got to do this?

· Skills, attributes and experience – do we have the right people to do this project?

4. Facilitator for the hui

We have asked Alannah Marriot to facilitate the hui for us. Information about Alannah can be found here.

5. Attendance

6. Fees

We will pay a nominal fee to people who attend in person or via zoom. A claim form will be emailed out after the hui to those who attended. Mileage claim will be at the IRD rate of 82 cents.

7. Blog

We have developed a blog for people to make comments, ask questions and watch the progress of the project. Please register with the blog to receive update.

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